Rev. Fr. Rector / Prsident of OBU

Fr. Carlton De Silva

Catholic schools are supposed to create for the school community a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity to help youth grow according to the new creatures they were made through baptism. One of the formal tasks of a school is to draw out the ethical dimension for the precise purpose of arousing one’s spiritual dynamism and moral freedom. The school must develop into an authentically formational school, reducing the risks of the modern day scientific and technological developments. It also must develop persons who are responsible and inner directed, capable of choosing freely in conformity with their conscience.


In this light a school is not only a place where one is given a choice of intellectual values, but where one has presented an array of values which are actively lived. The school must be a community whose values are communicated through the interpersonal and sincere relationships of its members and through both individual and corporative adherence to the outlook on life that permeates the school.


Let me also invite the members of the Old Boys’ Union to rally round to create for the school community a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel values. Your contribution and generosity in this regard are highly appreciated. The Crusaders are welcome to contribute in whatever way possible towards the development of the school and provide the present students the facilities which they did not enjoy during their tenure in school.

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