CMR2018 - First Time In Kalutara 

We, the Old Boys’ Union of Holy Cross College, Kalutara continues to bring you the best events with excellence and innovation. So, for the first time in the history of Kalutara and for the first time in the history of any OBU at a School in Kalutara, your OBU will bring you CRUSADERS MOTOR RALLY 2018. This is a fun-filled, tasks, IQ, friends & families – oriented event driven for creating difference while showcasing and enhancing brotherhood. The 90km journey will not be the same. The event is the dedicated motor competition which is defined by the skills of participants, in following the event obligations that follows the traffic rules, and in promoting safe driving and domestic tourism. We envision in connecting different towns, rural areas blending the culture of the destination from one of the capital cities in Western province in upcoming days. The competition comprises of physical tasks, general knowledge tasks and the treasure hunt to add the flavor to the journey.

As always, along with this mega event plans are ahead to bring you CRUSADERS COLOURS NIGHT in the evening with Sri Lanka's most sought-after musicians. 

During the event of ‘Crusaders Colours Night’ the following important events will take place,

*** Twenty Five (25) Crusaders will receive their colours for the commitment they have done and/or they're doing to bring proud for our Alma Mater. 
*** The competitors who win the ‘CMR 2018’ will receive their valuable prizes 
*** The ‘LAUNCHING AFFILIATED CREDIT/DEBIT CARD’ by Seylan Bank among our Old Boys, and 


~~MARIANS: Marians, under the leadership of Nalin Perera was established as a musical band in 1988 and now has marked its acme in the music industry of Sri Lanka winning the hearts of millions both locally and globally with the newness and the remarkable change it has brought to the industry as a versatile band covering a wide range of music genres such as pop, semi-rock, and western classical. They have released 15 audio albums and 05 DVD productions thus far.

~~AMAL PERERA: Amal Perera is a famous Sri Lankan artist who has composed and sung a wide range of songs. Amal Perera has exhibited his musical talents by successfully performing in different fields in the musical world as a musician.

~~CHITRAL SOMAPALA: Chitral "Chity" Somapala (born 4th November 1966) is a Sri Lankan hard rock and heavy metal vocalist. He is known for his work with European power metal bands Firewind, Power Quest, Avalon, Faro, Red Circuit and Civilization One. “Chity” gained popularity in his home country due to his Sinhala track "Nadee Ganga" which was released in 1998.

~~UMARIA SINHAWANSA: Umaria Sinhawansa (born 5th of January 1991) is a Sri Lankan pop, R&B and Jazz singer. Born and raised in Colombo, attained her education at Muslim Ladies College and Gateway International School, Colombo, Sri Lanka. She was first exposed to singing competitions as a child. The talent and the love for music comes naturally, she comes from a well known family of musicians. At the age of 11 years she started her professional career where she performed for a large audience along with her older sister, Umara who is one of the most sought-after top female vocalists in Sri Lanka.

~~SANUKA WICKRAMASINGHE: Sanuka (Wicky) Wickramasinghe is something of an enigma. Even now his voice conveys a kind of contemporary excitement that makes it his signature, and ours. It’s not the sort of excitement which turns him into a romantic or a spurned lover or an idealist, all three of whom you see every day, everywhere, on TV and over the radio. In fact, as for the it would be a mistake to label someone like him as a romantic or a radical. 

As for the ‘CMR 2018’ Rules - The team of driver and navigator (Either Driver or Navigator Should be Crusader* also guided by two other family members or friends as an option)
Needs to cover the 90km-100km drive solving the tasks and obligations provided to them on due course of time. 

Rs. 10,000/- (net) for the team of two members in one car. (Driver and the Navigator will be provided with breakfast and lunchIn addition, both the driver and the navigator will receive event T shirt (each worth Rs.1500/-), Two tickets for award ceremony at 50% discount and other consolation prizes from our Sponsors. 

~'CMR 2018' 1ST PRICE: Tour Package to India for both the driver and navigator (each worth Rs.80, 000/-) other consolation prices from our Sponsors ++

~'CMR 2018' 2ND PRICE: Return air tickets for the driver and navigator to Singapore (each worth Rs. 50,000/-) other consolation prices from our Sponsors ++

~‘CMR 2018' 3RD to 5th PRICE: Full board stay at a star class hotel in Sri Lanka (each worth Rs. 25,000/-) other consolation prices from our Sponsors ++

~‘CMR 2018' 5th to 10th PRICE: Gift Pack with Consolation prices from our Sponsors ++

Lucky winner of the Colors Night Ticket Raffle Draw during the price giving will receive return ticket to Bali (each worth Rs. 45,000/-) and another 10 lucky winners will receive consolation prices



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