All former students of Holy Cross College, Kalutara are eligible to join the Old Boy’s Union. Eligibility extends to all former students - no matter how long you were at the School. 

Unlike many other schools, Life Membership of the Association is entirely voluntary. Our large numbers demonstrate that most Old Boys believe the small investment involved is very worthwhile.

Your Life Membership plays a vital role in enabling the Old Boys' Union to keep in contact with you. The minimal fee you pay for the membership does not imply that you are called upon to pay any more than this, for other things, later on. Other required financial assistance to the School, are done on a fundraising basis as and when the need arises                   .

The current Committee has come up with a plan to develop the Membership Card system which system was envisaged by the previous Committee. The Present OBU Committee has been able to introduce several ‘discount schemes’ through some popular Companies which are owned by Holy Cross College Old Boys in Kalutara and the vicinity, in order to broaden and increase the Membership Base, by attracting more and more Old Boys to enroll as Life Members of the Union.  


The target of the current Committee is to enroll five hundred (500) new members during the ensuing year and parallel to that they have launched a membership drive program which offers discounts on memberships.  And also members will get a lot of benefits on their Membership Card during the events held throughout the whole year. 

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